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om nom
There is a lot of happiness in the land of Leila right now.

My street is cobbled, as I mentioned before, and full of little shops in a Harry Potter Hogsmeade sort of fashion. There's a tea shop across the street I've been drying to go into, and a bakery as well. Today, I finally managed both and have acquired some new bulk teas (Jasmine Mandarin, Blue Mountain and Summer Blend) as well as a new infuser. I also absconded with an apple tart. Now it is sunny, I've all afternoon to do one reading, I have a cup of tea (summer blend) and a warm tart. There is also MAIL from both mom and Emma. And we did Human Rights today with this amazing Scottish woman who wrote fully half of our readings and is amazing in that I want to BE her.

I think this is what heaven should be like.


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