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It's like my own, personal London.
om nom
Catching lunch at a pub called “The Sherlock Holmes” near Embankment. The house ale (Sherlock Holmes Ale) is absolutely terrible, but completely worth it, just for the touristy quality. One of my Works this summer wanted me to start today, so I've taken to the grand tour of cafes and other places with wifi and tables in London, so I can have my tourist vacation while working. The bartender is this adorable short woman who calls everyone “love” or “lovely” and says “Would you like anything else my darling?” I ordered a sausage sandwich, and they offered “brown sauce.” Whatever that is. There are awesome small tables with lovely upholstered stools.

It's like someone made a tourist trap just for me.
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:) Where are you working/what are you working on while you travel?

I'm doing research for the War Crimes Research Office. Confidentiality keeps me from discussing the rest, though.

Awesome. Do you feel like James Bond? Just a little?

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